A Christian Software Development Company

Welcome to SURRAtech, the company behind meBible - The Ultimate Research Bible and “Word Cross” - The Bible Study Game. SURRAtech is a family-owned Christian software development company. Our primary mission is to provide the modern church with powerful Bible study tools that are fun and easy to use. Our goal is to encourage and equip Christians to learn, study, meditate upon, and practice the Holy Scriptures.

There are many Christian publishing and software companies, so what makes SURRAtech unique? As a smaller company, we offer a truly personalized experience for our customers. Our software has been greatly influenced over the years by working directly with people like yourself, giving you the features YOU want in our apps. And while we are a small company, we have access to extraordinary talent and great resources, allowing us to produce software that is of the caliber and quality you would expect from a large publishing house.

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